This year- Day thirty-one. (trivia night!)
2009-07-30/2:46 a.m.

My dad gets into town tomorrow night and I need to have this place cleaned up before he gets here. So, of course, I have spent the week not cleaning up the apartment and actually making more messes. My brain is often my worst enemy.

Tonight we had band practice. Our first one since recording and our only one before the show on Saturday- it was a hilarious comedy of errors. The drum stands and throne were falling apart while Kelly was playing, Danny was on the verge of sneezing during more than one song, I forgot my ear plugs, during one song kelly couldn't stop laughing, a song we've played like 50 times Danny now says I'm playing wrong and that an E should have been in it this whole time where it never has been.... and on and on .

Afterwards the plan was to go to Pete's Candy Store for trivia night. I was going to go early and snag a table but band practice didn't end until 7 so we didn't go that early and no one else did either- doh! And, of course, it was PACKED. We ran into Larry on the way and he was all "I don't think this plan will work" because he had already been in and saw how crowded it was. New plan! We decided to come back to my apartment and order dinner and play Trivial Pursuit. It was fun!

Larry and I were a team, which was a good time though we tease each other a lot. We got a good mix of questions that were aimed at either of us (meaning, old stuff for him and entertainment stuff for me, haha). Becky came over so team Toothpaste was reunited from last year's Brooklyn scavenger hunt- me, Kelly Lynn, Patrick and Becky. We came in second place technically but first place in our HEARTS, where it counts).

We never really finished the game when we broke for Larry to take a phone call and just talked about crap and ate desserts instead. It was a good time. We will make a second attempt at trivia night next week, even though Chris won't be there to answer questions about the Nanny (don't worry, I have those covered!) and grammar.

Chris's goodbye party is tomorrow and I want to make him cupcakes that say things like "leave" and "go away" on them. I should get on that.


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