This year- Day thirty-four. (so tired)
2009-08-02/2:26 a.m.

We played a show tonight in Jersey City. It was fun. I think dad and Anne had a good time but they said it was too loud and mixed poorly afterwards. Then dad asked why Kelly plays the drums so fast. Ha!

To be fair, it was by far the fastest we had ever played a few of the songs. But, it was also maybe the best we have ever played a few songs live. I had fun! It was a good time.

We had dinner with Pirooz and Farnaz this evening and it was nice to see them and finally eat at the damned place literally on my corner. Motorino (google it, I am far too tired to link this).

I have to wake up in 6 hours to head into the city to have breakfast with Sharon, who is right now flying in from California. I think Meighan is coming too. Then we head, en masse, to Kim's bridal shower in Jersey. Fun! Then Sharon, insane woman that she is, will go back to the airport and fly back to CA. SHE IS INSANE! And I will come home and await my dad's persian food.

Sleep is here.


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