This year- Day thirty-six.
2009-08-04/3:27 a.m.

I am tired and about to get kicked out of my bedroom so this will be brief.

I took a nap while I watched Criminal Intent earlier and felt out of it all day. Dad and Anne went to MOMA while I puttered around and sent a resume and made some calls. My unemployment extension went through which makes me both MORE nervous and LESS nervous at the same time, whether that makes sense to anyone who doesn't think with my brain.

My brain thinks dumb crap sometimes. But other times my brain is pretty awesome. It's hard to tell which of these times this is.

I have tons of photos to upload to go with posts from the past week. Johnny got his present and he loved it as much as I thought he would. YES! I love giving people awesome presents. I wish I could have finds like that all the time.


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