This year- Day forty-one. (fabric flowers and Jane Austen)
2009-08-09/2:47 a.m.

Holy crow, wedding crafting is underway. I remembered to take a zyrtec before heading over to Kim's den of cat hair (her place is perfectly clean, the cat hair mainly lives on the cat bodies). Halfway through my walk there I was experiencing the jelly legs so I didn't drink any alcohol though I had planned to have prosecco with snacks.

My learning curve was pretty good so I hope I can get these homework flowers made this week. We need to make about 600 flowers, and we got 100+ done today. So.... yeah, a drop in the bucket but it's something. Two entire colors were not started really at all.

Holy moly! I found a photo on the internet of the exact flowers we're making.

That is them. Once you get going, you can get a lot done but eventually my eyes started blurring from staring at little things so long and my brain got light from the medicine. I got home around 9pm and laid down to finish reading "Sense and Sensibility" and the next thing I knew it was midnight and I don't know where I am.

Ahhhh, medicine brain. Now it's nearly 3am and I have sent emails and made a friendly work call and am wishing that I had eaten dinner today but it's too late now. I will most likely actually finish my book now and go to bed.

Sidnote- does anyone ever, in the history of time, like the Willoughby character in Sense and Sensibility? I hated him in high school and sometimes my opinions have changed between then and now... but man, Willoughby really burns my butt. I HATE HIM so much more now than I did even then. Pity me, the world made me vain and extravagant. Shut up, you ass. Elinor having any pity for him at all makes me even tire of stupid Elinor. Seriously, don't pity him, he is a dumbass who lives beyond his means and marries a rich lady to take advantage of her, after knocking up a 15 year old. No pity! None.

Whew, that feels better. Also, why are people so judgmental of gossip in this book? Don't they know that gossip is fun and that they don't even have television so they need something to entertain themselves with? I am bored just thinking about how difficult it must have been to pee in those times and they are limiting their amusements even further. Whenever I become crazy and think that I would have liked to live back then I remember how shitty a life it was, deprived of idle gossip, aleve and indoor plumbing. No thank you.


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