This year- Day forty-two.
2009-08-10/2:05 a.m.

My dad and Anne outside the Guggenheim last Wednesday:
Outside the Guggenheim.

I did very little today. At like 6:00pm I ate my only food of the day, which was a delicious burger from dumont burger. THEY DELIVER TO ME NOW! That is both excellent news and sad news for my wallet and my waistline. Hello burger and milkshake.

I finished Sense and Sensibility. I read some other stuff and worked on this show treatment that my friend Jesse asked for help with. Talked to Johnny about some research stuff and he was really helpful.

It's all a blur. I swear I did more things... but now I can't remember any.

Kim's bridal shower was last weekend:
Sharon and Kim.

Sharon flew in just for the day and it was great to see her! This photo is from when she was just about to go back to Newark and fly back to Chubs. She is a trooper.

Tomorrow starts a new week of job searching. It's supposed to be 95 degrees and humid. Yuck.

OH MY GOD!!! I was just watching a House episode when the BIGGEST ROACH I'VE EVER SEEN came running up the wall behind my television. HOLY SHIT. I ran and grabbed and shoe and killed it instead of just freezing (my usual way of dealing with things like this). I caught a glimpse of this beast when my grandma was here and have been regretting letting him live ever since so I knew I had to get him. Too bad my shoe fell and knocked the tv plug out of the wall and there is a huge loogie-looking ball of goop on my wall. Ugh. Why won't someone come and clean this up?? I also need to clean the damned roach eggs off of my shoe now so no babies hatch.

I need an actual boyfriend again. This is for the birds. (I have seen something like three roaches in five years of living here but even that many is hard on the panic sections of my heart)


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