This year- Day forty-three.
2009-08-11/2:49 a.m.

I am spending my evening crafting flowers while I catch up on my dvr list.

I am pretty good with the flowers but still only make like 3/hour. That's not so hot. Hopefully I can finish these and pick up more fabric before the weekend.

I heard about two vaguely possible job opportunities today. Hopefully they materialize or something new pops into the realm of possible. I will stay positive about it.

My friend Aaron borrowed my car starting today. He texted me "do you think you can trust me?" Heavy. I mean, I assume he's talking about the car, but he loves wording things this way to make them more serious. To be honest, I can't trust him in most ways, but in this way I can. He said that was okay and he'd take it. He better be nice to my baby corolla. I miss that car.

In the spring once he called me at 3am to tell me that if I am ever in trouble I can call him. See, he loves that dramatic wording.


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