This year- Day forty-six. (daisy!)
2009-08-14/4:47 a.m.

daisy is pooped.

Daisy was in a super cute mood this evening while Ann and I watched the NYC Prep finale and the new Real Housewives of Atlanta. She's really growing up. She listens and doesn't have to go for walks every few hours anymore. What a little teenager she is now.

Larry came over and got his mail last night and I asked him how the beach is- he then told me that two people have drowned this summer. WHAT?! I suddenly am not so interested in summering on Fire Island. Also, he really has a knack for opening with the bad news.

Eugene texted me a photo of his friend's chubby bulldog with a football. SO CUTE. I need to meet that slobbering girl.

Not one job has called me back but I am trying very hard not to dwell on that completely. It's not working all the time, but it's working in spurts.

I spent three hours talking to Kathleen on the phone last night and we are now caught up on the last few months. WHEW! That was fun and necessary. I miss LA but I am afraid to book a trip because you know that's when I'll get a job offer (that is how the dang world works) but I do need to get my tooth crowned and go swimming in Daireen's pool. What to do, what to do.


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