This year- Day Forty-seven (degrassi belated)
2009-08-15/9:55 a.m.

Toni, Kelly Lynn and Jenni came over last night and we watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta (best one!) and the Degrassi goes to Hollywood movie.

Oh, and some episode of Degrassi where Emma smokes pot and realizes that it makes her more interesting and then immediately makes pot cookies for her dorm party and a girl eats two and NEARLY DIES. It turns out she is diabetic (!!) and so the sugar was bad for her and the pot made her forget to take her insulin shot. It was amazing. We all learned a valuable lesson from that episode... I guess?

The movie was not good and very little happened in it that the preview makes it look like happens. This was good because it meant we had to pay little attention and could drink daquiris and make fun of it, but it was annoying. Paige is "in" this damned movie for weeks and becomes a "star" even though it hasn't started filming yet. It's just IN REHEARSALS!

Oh, and the premise is that Jason Mewes (of Kevin Smith movie/being a huge heroin addict fame) has written and is directing a musical about high school that is set in Jersey in the 80s.

I would rather watch an actual musical that Jason Mewes wrote about the 80s in NJ. Maybe he will now?

Oh, and Craig is a solo/acoustic musician living in LA and opening for such bands as Fallout Boy and having his own stage crew. Okay.... The cruddy part is the movie only shows half of a chorus of one of his songs. I wanted to see a whole song! Ooooh, wait, but there was a scene where he acoustically serenades Ellie with his sentimental guitar musings. That part was awesome.


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