This year- Day fifty. (Mamma Mia)
2009-08-18/6:04 p.m.

I had no internet access last night, all night and then most of today so I couldn't post.

All that happened was that Kelly Lynn and I watched the BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR (2008).

It is so good! We found it on Haley's dvr and it did not disappoint. I am now even more bummed that we missed it in theaters last year. Double drats. It looked like a group of people (like Meryl Streep and Colin Firth) got together and lived on a beautiful Greek Island and just fucked around and had the time of their lives for a month, being silly and making little sense. And then a movie was edited together from the pieces.

I would love to have been in this movie or worked on this movie, and I have absolutely no interest in being in movies. It all just looked so fun and infectious!

I can't even believe it really exists, it's so the opposite of what usually happens when movies like this cast serious actors. And, at the end, over the credits the cast just sings and dances in extravagant ABBA jump suits in a sound stage. They most likely filmed this totally separately and yet still Pierce Brosnan puts on a spandex jumpsuit and shimmies around. I love it. Oh, and he sings really weirdly, but the fact that he just goes with that was somehow charming.

The story made very little sense at points (sometimes BIG points, like how she thinks she'll figure out which one is her dad just from meeting them), and I don't care. They were singing ABBA songs! While random Greek people ran around and joined in. It was glorious. Glorious enough to even take my mind off of my career woes for two hours- no easy feat!


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