This year- Day fifty-seven. (15 and Pregnant)
2009-08-24/10:37 p.m.

Addendum to yesterday's post:

I also went to sleep on the left side of my bed and when I was awakened by Captain Crazy I was sleeping on the right side of my bed and the left side was made. WHAT?!? My sleep time is such a mystery. I should set up a hidden camera on myself.

Later when I told Reno the tale I told him I fell asleep watching Law and Order and he stopped me to ask which episode. I said the Whoopie Goldberg one with the foster kids who murder people with machetes and cut off fingers and put tennis rackets up butts... He was all "oh yeah, that's a good one."

Then he told me he was watching the 2002, made for tv version, of Carrie. What a masochist. He sounded like he was in physical pain when they messed up the entire prom scene and point of the movie.

I went and met with my old temp agency ladies today (who were always nothing but nice) and they spent the whole time talking about how great Lifetime was over the weekend. I agree! "Truth About Youth" weekend is a great time. I have more in common with ladies in their 50s sometimes. We agreed that "15 and Pregnant" starring and young and totally bitchy Kirsten Dunst is the best Lifetime Movie.


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