This year- Day Fifty-eight. (belated)
2009-08-26/3:13 p.m.

I completely forgot to post yesterday.

Hearing about two vague job possibilities and sending off resumes.

Eating indian food with my ladies and having a good time. Some dudes (married dudes!) asked us to settle a debate for them and it was weird. Stephanie wasn't having it at all! Her answer was "why is this so difficult for you?" Oh snap! It seemed like they just wanted to talk to us... but they were two married guys who did the talking. It was odd.

Reopening the flower sweatshop in my living room again. I have the materials to make 40 flowers and I made 5 last night.

Talking to Eugene about marriage and stuff. He thinks that people who grew up with divorces etc... have a negative opinion of marriage. However, his parents have been married for like 100 years and have 5 kids and appear to be super happy and he has a negative opinion of marriage. He thinks it seems boring. It's such a bizarre opinion that I can only assume that it's because he's never been in a real relationship... I brought that up and apparently I am right. He might think that forever though, which is fine with me. I can go either way on the topic- I think there are many bad marriages and many terrible reasons that people get married, but I think there can also be those life long partnerships that benefit both people and make everything better. I do not, however, think there is someone for everyone and that everyone is meant to wind up with someone else.

He was going to come visit in October but now says he can't afford it. That is unrelated to the first topic.

I find many things dealing with guys and relationships these days to be confusing and difficult. Even though I am smarter and more mature, and more experienced on that front things just seem to get more and more difficult. That's now how it's supposed to work! Things should be getting easier. If only this were a math and there was a right answer.


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