This year- Day Fifty-nine. (my friends)
2009-08-27/2:34 a.m.

A few months ago Kelly Lynn and I went to the Pop Fest to see Rose Melburg. It was fun!

Erika lives by there and I had warned her that I would pop in when I was in the neighborhood so we did. She was in a good mood that day and super energetic so we hung out for a while and played with Pewpuck (I have no idea how to spell her dog's name).

She was reading a book about loving narcissists and had some interesting advice from it. The book also covered dating people with asperger's and other mental issues.

This, hilariously, lead her to asking if I'd ever consider getting back together with Mike.

Me- "It's not like he's asking... but no. I'd lose all of my friends."

Kelly Lynn- "Oh yeah, you would."

Erika- "Yeah."

I love my friends! They weren't all "we'd be supportive of your choices." They were "that would be a terrible idea and we probably wouldn't hang out with you anymore."

I much prefer that kind of honesty. When we were still together Mikki straight up texted me one day that I was in a relationship with a loser who wasn't getting better and who didn't appreciate me and that I needed to just move out and move on. I was like "whoa..... hmmmmm... okay." Later she told me she was giving me tough love but it was still love. True.

I'll never understand people who get really mad at their friends when they tell them those kinds of things. I can understand sticking up for the situation/boyfriend etc... but I like hearing what people think even if the truth hurts a little bit. You might as well discuss it and see why they think what they think.

Then again, I trust my friends and think they're smart. I also don't think that my friends would steal a boyfriend or sabotage me at work. Are there women in real life who have friends like people have in movies?


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