This year- Day sixty-one. (ETV)
2009-08-29/3:55 a.m.

I went to see Terry Jinn's Enormous Television this evening and in the process saw about 20 people I haven't seen in 2-3 years. It was fun. It was also my first time going to ETV, but not playing at ETV. I don't really see the comedy crowd anymore so it was good to at least chit chat with Jen and Kirk and Tony and Marci etc...

Many moons ago Terry decided that he wanted to put on a rock n roll show for his birthday party. He's a guitar wizard (NO EXAGGERATION) but isn't in a band so it was a way for him to get to play like a zillion riffs and ripping solos while encouraging his friends to experience what it's like to be in a band.

He asked Sharona and I to do it since we were both learning guitar (she was much further along than I) and dreamt of being in a band. We did it and it was.... TERRIFYING. We nearly peed ourselves that first time but he also had her play rhythm on November Rain (difficult!) and the next year I got to play guitar on a Talking Heads song ("Pulled Up"- one of their best). Doing ETV made us much more comfortable with playing in front of people and forced us to practice a lot more than we usually would so we got better considerably faster that year.

We did it four times and each time was fun. Now one of us is always in LA or not around and neither of us had hung out with Terry in at least 2-3 years when I got the invitation for this one. Memories!

And because I am the extremely sentimental type it made me go into my photo scan archives to see what I have from back then. Gold! I found a few from the 2003 one, when we were all younguns.

she loves you!

shannon manning.

happy sharon

Now that I have a good scanner again, seeing these makes me want to go through my zillion photos in the closet and scan in the good ones. Maybe that will be a new project I start tomorrow, in fact. Project!

So yes, ETV was fun. My personal favorite was Kirk Damato doing "Tonight, Tonight" by the Smashing Pumpkins. I had never heard him sing before and I just loved his voice. I wish he was in a band so I could hear it more. He also plays accordion, and that is all I had seen him do before really.

Kelly Lynn and Chelsea came out since it's right by where they were anyway and we didn't want to be too much like old ladies on a Friday night. We were going to just go home afterwards but somehow ended up in this weird bar by NYU, doing karaoke and drinking mojitos in the back. It was an excellent karaoke experience. Everyone was really pumped and supportive and..... mostly European tourists. The drinks were cheap. No complaints.

KL opened with Harvey Danger and a bunch of the crowd sang along which was a good sign. Including two people who turned out to be English. We did a group rendition of "Baby, one more time" before heading home like people who have lives and go out in New York City.

It was funny when Terry said he listened to the Marshmallows demo and liked the artwork. Aw, for some reason that is flattering. He's like my music guru. I'm sure the lack of shredding lead guitar makes him mostly bored by our music. Haha. If we were a prog rock band he'd go apeshit though.

I am still tipsy so I feel like this post might read terribly later. I am not a big drinker so I am not good at it. The Marshmallows will be playing an MS benefit show on September 25th. Everyone should come and enter the raffle and buy baked goods at our bake sale. Lots of awesome bands will play including the Kung Fu Monkeys (the utmost in sweet songs and surf sounds!) and Full of Fancy. I will plug this better later I'm sure.

Terry's freaking guitar playing on the Police's "Roxeanne" was bananas. I can't get it out of my mind. As I told KL afterwards, it's like watching someone play guitar hero (with the flawless solo sound coming out) but he's a guy playing a real guitar. That will never be me. My brain can't even comprehend the sounds that he makes happen.


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