This year- Day sixty-five. (fritz)
2009-09-02/9:43 a.m.

there was a Fritz Neuman emergency last night that meant I had to wake up early today. I ended up talking to a distressed Mikki and running off to bed before having a chance to write in here.

Now I have a large, orange cat in my apartment, am pumped up on zyrtec, and am wishing he could talk and tell me if he's feeling better or not. The poor guy has been feeling sick and can't keep food down.

This is Fritz:
fritz is a big guy.

So yeah, him not eating is not normal! Last year when Molly McButters got sick dad knew immediately because she wasn't eating. She never passed up eating. These food based animals are easy to read at least.

I have to go make him some yogurt rice but will update later.


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