This year- Day sixty-nine. (ladies night)
2009-09-06/2:30 a.m.

Livy and Kelly Lynn are here and we watched "Election" and at delicious fried chicken. The pups are asleep and we're talking about dudes.

Muppet dog is asleep on Livy. She doesn't even like dogs but she is powerless against his sweetness. Howard is mad and surly that we're awake at 2am and he's being bossy.

We watched a "My So Called Life." Angela was annoying and Jordan was an asshole. The dad is still a super fox. God, I love the dads on shows where I should like the kids.


A note I found in a drawer.
The Extra Lens and Adultery.
Books are beautiful.
Ira Glass made me feel better about things.
Something that happened yesterday.