This year- Day seventy-three. (first day of school)
2009-09-10/2:03 a.m.

first day of school! Bain is now a 5th grader while Lillie has moved on up to 3rd grade. My, they grow so fast... even when you're not raising them. I feel like I was just picking up Lillie from her first day of school ever. But that was the week that Sarah and Kelly Lynn moved to NYC so I guess it really was three years ago. Holy Moly.

hilarious posing.

That picture is troubling. Bain is beginning to look like a teen. Scary! I remember being scared when he looked more like a young adult than a little kid... and now this. He's making devil horns for first day of school photos.

climbing the fence while bain plays soccer.

In the cab on the way to his soccer practice Bain informed me that when you have a husband who makes a lot of money, there's no reason for you to work. I couldn't believe it! He was set straight promptly. This is what the upper west side is doing to him I guess.

I feel old. Lillie asked why I don't have any kids today. It was just as depressing as when she asked me why I don't have any kids a few years ago. And when Bain asked me five years ago. They never tire of that question!

For comparison's sake, here are first day of school photos from 2006- kindergarten and 2nd grade.

action shots

Mikki had an article come out this week about being a fake aunt. It's excellent.

Hilariously, as documented in the last photo, I do not look like I could be the mom to these children in any way and yet I have often been talked to as though I am their mom. Once a lady was asking me what I was (so... are you the .... nanny?) and midsentence Lillie ran up all "Mommy, help me!" with her shoe. This was when Lillie was about three and called everyone who took care of her mommy (including her dad). The lady was all "Oh, I'm so sorry!" and never finished her sentence. Despite my being 25 and her thinking I was a college student.

Today at their school I was mistaken for being their mom twice. Apparently I look like I could have a blonde and blue eyed 10 year old. Frightening.


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