This year- Day seventy-eight. (Mr. Darcy)
2009-09-15/2:01 a.m.

I have a horrible sickness. No matter how crappy or stupid, I am attracted to every single occurrence of Mr. Darcy in literature, film and the pop culture lexicon.

Tonight I watched the most recent Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira Knightly and Donald Sutherland's eye brows. It was TERRIBLE! A complete travesty of my most favorite book of all time. It took all nuance and fun and suspense out of the story. Parts were laughably bad and parts were infuriatingly bad.

And yet... I totally wanted to kiss Mr. Darcy. Someone cure me of this disease, please. Before it's too late!

My sister read something once about Mr. Darcy sickness and how it's related to women being attracted to jerks because they think that when they get to know them they'll be all sexy and smart and full of perfectly worded letters the way Darcy was when Elizabeth finally got to know the "real" him. Listen up, me, that almost never happens. Stop it!

But in these movies you know it will happen because he's Mr. Darcy and that's what he does. I know it's coming and I get so excited even when it's ham-fisted and poorly acted. Tell me more about how you love her despite her shortcomings!

I am hopeless. Sigh.

I should make wordy Mr. Darcy porn for the literary lady and make a kajillion dollars.


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