This year- Day eighty. (You're not hired)
2009-09-17/3:34 a.m.

I didn't get that job. Apparently Bobby Flay himself decided that. And I was just warming up to not hating him completely... drats! I will have to go back to finding him annoying at least.

Today Lillie asked me how I get my hair "go everywhere all wild and curl sometimes." It's a delicate art! I mainly just brush it after the shower and then do nothing else ever. She asked if hers can do it- nope, it can't. She has straight and fine blonde hair. I love how she's jealous of my hair that she herself described as, well, not good.

I have basically become their full time third parent. I even stayed an hour later tonight to complete a horse puzzle with Lillie despite Brandon being home and sitting 10 ft away watching the Yankees game with Bain.

I have been feeling like crap about the general direction of my life lately but it's nice to get out more and actually feel like I'm helping them even if it's with little things like homework or dealing with girls who are mean to you for no reason (get used to that one, Lillie, it's a life long experience).

Final bit of hilariousness- I dreamt that Johnny and I got married last night and our wedding song was Britney's Toxic. We did an elaborate and amazing dance with a group. It was totally awesome. I now want to get married if only to recreate that dream. That's a good enough reason to get married, right?

I need to drop off my first roll of film from my birthday camera. Oh, did I mention that my dad got me a new camera for my birthday? It's a Lomo Diana and Kelly Lynn picked out the cutest one for me:

It's the French "Colette" version. Really, all of them are cute, but the original is what I would have wanted behind this one. KL knows me well! So this film has been used sporadically since my dad was here; it will be nice to see what gems may be on it (if any). Maybe I'll run and drop off the film while Lillie is in her tap class tomorrow. That is a ridiculous sentence.


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