This year- Day eighty-six. (The rock in Bain's arm)
2009-09-23/3:59 a.m.

just taking it all in.

I picked up the kids today at school. Lillie said she would do extra homework tonight if we could do a photoshoot of her with her prize stuffed horses. Deal and deal. That is my favorite shot.

She asked that I bring a printed version when I pick them up tomorrow. Haha, such patience.

After school I told them they could play for 30 minutes and Bain opted to play soccer with his friend in the "yard." That is in quotes because there is no grass, it's an all concrete yard. Somehow, we all missed it, Bain tripped over his own soccer ball and got pretty scraped up. I was looking to see if he was bleeding when he held up his scraped elbow and we both saw something greenish black looking back. Bain, stricken, yelled "what is that?!?!?" While I tried to calm him down. I broke the news that a rock had gotten into his arm somehow. He was not thrilled. He didn't cry very much though.

Sidenote- Bain is a very sensitive and wussy child. He often cries when he messes things up, loses or is upset. This is a problem. I am particularly mean about it but so are his parents- trying to toughen him up and not comforting him when he cries when he loses etc....

Today he was clearly trying to hold back his tears even though he was actually hurt. I felt for him. When we got home I got out the rubbing alcohol, neosporin, bandages and tweezers and we went to work on getting him cleaned up. The neosporin was good and he liked that. The digging out the rock was not a great time and was pretty gross. The rubbing alcohol part was arguably the worst part. I warned him that he wouldn't like it and that I was sorry. He said okay and I dabbed it with the gauze. He screamed and grabbed my leg and cried. I think I will get them some hydrogen peroxide for the future. Far less tears with that one.

When we started to do all of this he asked for something he could "crush" to take his mind off things. It ended up being a q-tip, his stuffed dog and my right leg. He underestimated the pain at first. Rover stood up to the task though.

rover joins the horses.

I warned him before I left tonight that when he showered it was going to sting in all the places he was banged up. Hopefully it wasn't too bad. Considering the kids all play on concrete everyday, it's a wonder this hasn't happened more often.

This weekend was an incredibly beautiful weekend in NYC. I walked through McGorlick Park to get to Kim's on Sunday and it looked like this:
McGorlick Park


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