This year- Days eighty-eight and eighty-nine. (Carlapalooza pre show, baking, nonsense)
2009-09-26/9:56 a.m.

I didn't post on Thursday because I was so dang busy and then shut down my computer before typing something up. It was behaving weirdly and I wanted to let it rest for 12 hours.

This week has been a blur of flower making, band practicing (danny is back! we have to practice again), babysitting, job meetings, baking and watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I also finally, blessedly got a haircut on Thursday. I hadn't gotten one in three months and boy did it show. I was morphing into a hair cone.

On Thursday night I made gluten free chocolate chip cookies for Carla (the one who has the palooza). It was like watching science happen with my eyes. The dough never gets moist or soft! It's crumbly and somehow morphs into cookies. When they were baking they poofed up like marenges and didn't look like cookies until they had cooled and hardened.

I took a bite to see what they were like... it's hard to explain without actually eating one. The first bite is like "oh, a chocolate chip cookie, how delightful," but the the subsequent bites are a bit like "something is off here" until you're grossed out and stop eating. They almost have the texture of sand. Like you can feel the sugar granules in your mouth as you eat. As I told Rich when he was trying one, they kind of taste like science after a while. I think that if I could never eat real cookies though, they wouldn't be bad. Carla thought they were awesome and took all the leftovers home so they must have been okay.

Then I had to make the vanilla cupcakes, vanilla buttercream and the truffle brownies. Truffle brownies are AWESOME and from a mix at Trader Joe's. They are seriously some of the best brownies I've ever had. Bain made them from the mix and did a really great job. They turned out perfectly and we sold all but one.

Even people who dislike Trader Joe's will rave about this brownie mix. It brings us all together. The truffles are like chocolate chips that don't melt into the batter but melt in your mouth as you eat them. They are fantastic!

Bain also did the frosting colors so they were pretty non-traditional: Bright green, bluish purple and aqua. They looked neat when all lined up though. I didn't take a photo but I think Livy took some at the actual bake sale. Kelly Lynn made angel food cake ones that Brandon said were like an inside out twinkie because she put buttercream on them. I have a few so I plan to try them later, I was so sugar overloaded last night that I barely ate anything aside from savory foods. I got some decorating things this week and KL tried them out to great success. I used one to dot the middle of mine and they looked pretty funny. I will have to do more work with this until I get good at cake decorating.

I think the show went well. I could hear some things and we sounded good. I have gotten MUCH better at playing guitar live because I get less nervous. The key is not being nervous and nearly dropping the pick a lot, apparently. My amp was right behind me and Kelly so there was no missing it when I did make mistakes. Even on Isis I barely made any which is an extreme rarity.

Our new cover, Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" went over as we had hoped (people singing along or laughing) and we didn't mess it up! Small victories. Now to just finish up the two new songs that are nearly done and work on other new stuff and actually put out the four song record we recorded in July.

The Kung Fu Monkeys were wonderful as always and played in sailor suits and mustaches. I hope people have photos of that. I command people to have photos of that!

Larry took a photo of me that i already on the internet. Who gave Larry a digital camera? This will not end well!

I am not a nurse (despite him calling the photo "nurse crystal"). I am wearing Mikey's sailor hat that was sitting in the window. Don't see me and accidentally mistake me for a nurse. I have NO medical knowledge. NONE. You will be in poor hands. Unless you need a rock removed from your arm, then I might be able to help you.

Today the bachelorette happens and will be totally fun. Sharon is here, fresh from the red eye and my party games are packed up and ready to go.

I woke up to 33 new emails (from an incredible leg cramp that scared the poop out of a sleeping Kelly Lynn).... all from Johnny. I thought "he must have sent one and the computer messed up and received it over and over." Nope. He sent me 33 emails. About the movie "The Craft." That's right. You can't make something like that up.

Outtakes from the emails:
"A Matthew Sweet song is on the soundtrack"

This is dialogue from The Craft. Outstanding!"
"Skeet Ulrich! The best actor of his generation!"
"I keep meaning to draw a huge pentagram on my floor"

You get the idea.


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