This year- Day ninety-two. (song writing kids)
2009-09-29/2:17 a.m.

In honor of Yom Kippur I had the kids all day today. It was a freaking marathon. I was late and had a headache when I arrived so they enjoyed some quiet time while I laid on the couch. I gave Lillie a lecture on whining (she was whining like crazy) so she stomped off and played with her horses in her bedroom for a while to ignore me. Shades of her future teenage years all over that one.

Bain decided they should work on their songs and finish them today. What a trip that was! "What have I done?" is an epic rock opera that is batshit insane. They want to come over and record it on my garage band and I kind of want that to happen but I also don't know how to organize this 4-5 minute epic of insanity. Bain says it's about what it's like when a girl likes you but you don't like her back... but there is a whole lotta murder in this song. I don't know how the murder fits in but he says it does. Also, Bain sings with a British accent for some unknown reason.

Lillie has written a song called "don't break up with me" that is crazy in it's own way. Imagine an alien coming to earth and only listening to breakup songs and then learning everything about human emotion from these songs (mixed with songs from High School Musical) and you have Lillie's song in a nutshell. Lot's of "why are you doing this to me? You're breaking my heart!" She is 8 years old. All about knowing you're special and being hurt and crying and hating you and loving you and wanting to never see you again. Oh! Hers also has acted out skits during it! The best is the last line she wrote today: (whisper) "Oh no, it's Danny's posse, what do I do?"

That really is the last line she wrote today. She might write the next "leader of the pack" song by age 9. Vroooom Vrooooom, oh! no! someone died! And all that.

At some point I dozed off and woke up to Lillie telling Bain that he can't write a song about dating himself. I asked him what she was talking about and he said he's writing a love song about himself. He was all "and...?" with that answer as though it was the most normal thing ever. My friend Diana responded to that on facebook with "Morissey, you have a contender." Hilarious.

The last song is an opus about the environment. That also has murder in it.


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