This year- Day ninety-eight. (photos and some words)
2009-10-05/3:25 a.m.

I love the planetarium:
i love the planetarium.

And I am fascinated by this street performer who spends his evenings at the Columbus Circle subway station. He dresses as a conductor, in white face, while he poses and holds the pose and then moves as though he's on a swivel at fast intervals.
i find this guy fascinating.

Other Kelly left to see her sister and other friends and to head to CT today. I ran errands and tried to find shoes for the dang wedding. I found some that I like (but don't love) and a few that I love but haven't seen in person. The wedding is in 5 days, technically. Ack!

When Johnny and I went to Berkeley he wanted to name his car (who he named Dagmar because "she's a swedish chick") and we were naming the mean GPS voice when he said that he was afraid of being one of those insane people who names everything. It didn't stop us from naming the mean GPS "Simone" though, a-la that Al Pacino movie with the robot woman.

Today he texted me about "the lion's den" and he meant his apartment. I think it's official, he's become one of those insane people who names everything.

I sent in a resume to a pilot that's filming in November/December that could not be more up my alley. I could not be more qualified for it. They even want people who have experience on the shows I have experience on. If they don't call me I will actually be angry, though possibly irrationally. We'll see tomorrow if they call or not and if I get angry or not.

Monday means Lillie has soccer after school. Back to the grind. Should I call myself an au pair to make it sound more exciting and continental?

I have been in a really odd mood lately like I miss falling in love. I guess the fall to me is like the Spring to most people. Fall is in the air and I want to wear tights and make-out apparently. Fall is the best. Bring on the tweed jackets, fellas.


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