This year- Day one hundred and one. (This charity makes me so angry)
2009-10-08/3:23 a.m.

This is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Really, they'll donate 10 cents for every yogurt lid you mail in? Wow! I need to go change my pants because I just pooped them in all this crazy excitement!!!

Oh wait, no. It's BULLSHIT. Firstly, in the commercial all the lids are spotless and flattened and in a single envelope. In reality this is kind of messy and gross and a lot of work for 10 freaking cents. The other thing is that you have to mail them in which costs 41 cents per envelope. This means that many people who mail them in ARE LOSING MONEY in addition to doing all the work.

Why doesn't Yoplait just donate money for every yogurt purchased? Why all this rigamaroll for nothing? It's such crap. After all this nonsense Yoplait can say "we've been supporting the fight against breast cancer for over 10 years." Sure. Whatever.

How have they been getting away with this bullshit scam for over ten years? They should donate at least 10 cents per every yogurt purchased, but 20 cents would be better. On top of that people could be asked to donate on the website as well. I'd much rather donate 5 bucks than spend a day cleaning gross lids and cramming them into envelopes that then have to be mailed with stamps I'd have to buy. Efff that noise.

End rant.


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