This year- Day one hundred and three. (gossip)
2009-10-10/2:43 a.m.

I went to see the Gossip tonight with Lisa and Sarah and it was so much fun. The audience was primed and ready to love it so as soon as the music started they went nuts and a full on dance party broke out. The guy to the right of Sarah preferred the dance move of move your head to the left and then the right, super fast and over over. He ruled. Too bad the couple in front of her made out for a while during the show.

I have loved them for many years but I was afraid that they wouldn't sound great in a big venue like this (this tour seems to be of big venues in general) because it was just the three of them in small-ish places every other time I saw them and they ruled. I was wrong. They sounded amazing. Beth went nuts and was adorably waving at people in the audience and talking with her Southern twang and talking about Arkansas.

After a song she heard some guy in the front call some ladies "dirty cunts" and she got angry and asked him to apologize. She even gave him the mic and he said some nonsense but didn't apologize. I couldn't see it but she seemed to have him ejected after that. The audience was booing him big time. Seriously, dude, why not apologize for being a jerk? He was angry because he said these ladies knocked his baseball cap off while dancing. Her point was that he should say something or pick his hat up- he didn't have to be nasty. She also, hilariously asked "have you ever been to a show before?"

So, even though it was a big venue it seemed kind of intimate. Their cover was Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do with It" that was AMAZING. I danced but I didn't do any fast head turning moves (by now that guy was well into wild arm moves to accompany his head moves).

The bass drum went constantly for a freaking hour. That drummer (Hannah Blilie) must have thighs of steel. I was tired just thinking about it. It also appeared that the guitar player was playing a Jazzmaster, which makes me so happy. I always love seeing a Jazzmaster.

I was reading about them recently and Beth doesn't play an instrument, she just busts out amazing vocals everywhere. Kelly Lynn often laments not playing guitar when we have song writing sessions but I like the way we do it, which is a lot of messing around while she hums and sings and then at some point things fall into place and we have songs. I don't wish she played a different instrument at all. Anyway, I was reading that the Gossip do it the same way and they're awesome so we shouldn't argue with a tried and tested system! (this was just for KL's benefit because i'll most likely forget to tell her later)

I took a few photos but my camera is not great in low light and my camera doesn't do anything about to capture the dance party that was happening.

my favorite one.

Beth is a real show woman.

Dance dance dance.

Tomorrow Kimkim gets married. I need to get my beauty sleeps for the big day. My outfit is all ready to go and sitting here staring me in the face. Silver shoes! Silver bag! It's all here. I hope Kim has the best day ever and doesn't sweat the small stuff too much. She is the best and the wedding will be super fun, I know it.


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