This year- Day one hundred and four. (gettin' hitched)
2009-10-11/4:13 a.m.

The wedding event of the year has come and gone. Kim seemed so sad it was over tonight. All that planning is over and you'd think she'd be psyched. Nope! You'd be wrong. She loves projects. Especially cute ones that turn out well as all of these did.

I am exhausted and drunkity drunk drunk so I will keep this brief. The wedding was a blast. A great time from start to finish and even the bride and groom had fun and ate food and danced. I couldn't imagine a wedding more like Kim. It was her through and through and it was the best. She knew she had my heart though because they rented an old timey photobooth (not a digital one) and that always has me at hello. I can't wait to see the scans of those. There are some real gems in that book.

It was a year of planning and work and it all paid off. She looked beautiful, as always, and Eric was cool as a cucumber. Their families were having fun and there are blisters on my dancin' feet.

The view from the roof at the beginning of cocktail hour (their "drink" was a moscow mule. It was delicious and by delicious I mean dangerous):
view from cocktail hour.

Darren and Stephanie appear to be in two different photos:
stephanie and darren look like they're in two different photos.

View from the roof just before dinner:
new york city view.

I have many more to sort through and, in some cases, develop but these are it for now. A taste!

Now to sleep the sleep of kings.


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