This year- Day one hundred and six. (Garfunkel and Oates and drinking)
2009-10-13/2:37 a.m.

Today was completely uneventful. I didn't even shower until nearly 6pm. However, tonight was pretty dang fun. I went into the city to run some errands and drop off my film at the lomography store. I thought Kelly might be working late (Mondays are rough days) and that I'd see if she wanted to have dinner before we went out later but she wasn't in.

I called her and she was at home watching Mad Men but came into the city and had some mac and cheese with me and Jenni at Chat n Chew before heading to the UCB to see "Garfunkel and Oates." I really like these ladies. They're funny and doing something different at least. I felt for one of them who had her parents in the front row when she'd sing dirty or mean things. She would just blush or laugh for a second and keep going. I would have died in the same scenario. Their new song (or, I assume it's new since it's not on the website) about someone who is just a friend was awesome.

We all had a good time. Afterwards Kelly path trained it home while Jenni and I continued to drink at that weird place next to the Chelsea hotel that appears to be spanish or mexican and always has guys in suits opening the door for people. It was.... an experience. Firstly, I got a strawberry margarita and it was good, but after a few drinks the dude poured whatever was left in the blender in my glass. It was like when you get a milkshake and you get the canister and the glass of the milkshake except with booze. Jenni experienced my alcohol fever first-hand about halfway through that.

The bartender's name was Cristian and he started by being flirty with both of us, then flirting with Jenni and then telling us that he caught his girlfriend cheating last night and broke up with her today. Okay. I don't think that was true at all. He also kept coming back to us and telling us the same parts of the story over and over while the manager sent us some free catfish croquettes. Cristian kept complaining that the manager is always watching him, but I have to say I sided with the manager. Then he told us about the "famous actress" he was dating and I was all "wait, I thought you just broke up with your girlfriend of two years today?" Jenni thinks he muddied a lot of facts and dates and I agree. The best is when he detailed their sex life for us. That was when I realized he was drunk. I have been drinking more than usual lately but I am also having a far worse year than usual. To top it off, my grandma is in the hospital right now and she sounds great when I talk to her but I can't shake the mental image of her in the hospital and it makes me upset to think about that. My sister and I decided years ago that grandma can never get sick and that grandma has to live forever. Hello, that was a DECISION, keep up, world.

We walked to Union Square and got our respective subways home. This weekend she, I, my sister, and Lisa are going to Philadelphia to do fall activities and visit the haunted Eastern State Penitentiary. I cannot freaking wait. Hopefully we can get sonic cherry limeades on the way. Heaven!


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