This year- Day one hundred and seven. (shoes)
2009-10-14/3:28 a.m.

A "joke" that I've never gotten is one that was on Married with Children all the time- that fat ladies love cramming their feet into wayyy too small shoes much to the dismay of shoe salesmen everywhere.

A few weeks ago I watched the film "For Keeps" (any friend reading this is shocked that I've never seen this movie before. I know, I know... I don't know how I missed it) and that "joke" is throughout! That movie is from the mid 80s and Married with Children ran for a long time into the 90s. You never see it anymore... is it because of how unfunny it was? Or because of how simply made up it was?

For 20 years did fat ladies just love wearing really uncomfortable shoes and being laughed at by dudes in polyester pants and then one day and wake up and realize "wait, that makes no sense!"? I would love to know the origin of the stereotype. I have never bought too small of shoes for vanity reasons. I think the only reason I've ever known a lady to buy too small of shoes is if they're super cute, on sale and only come in the half size smaller (or larger on the flipside) than your size and you make it work.

In these examples though it's ladies trying on beige granny shoes to go with their ankle length skirts and panty hose so I can't imagine the draw to cramming your foot into some teeny shoes.

The one bright spot in these poor saps' lives is when a super hot girl comes in and tries on sexy heels that fit perfectly because she's hot and therefore fits into the shoe size she claims is her own. Duh.

Seriously, am I missing something? How does any of this make sense? How did it become a thing everyone "got" and found entertaining? And yes, this has been bugging me for 15 years or so and I'm finally getting it off my chest. Whatta weight has been lifted!


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