This year- Day one hundred and eight. (kids say the darndest things)
2009-10-15/2:05 p.m.

bain is playing soldier in his "imagination.' A couple of good Bain and Lillie back and forths recently:

Bain (while doing math homework)- "I had a dream this would happen!
Me- what? That you'd have to do homework?
Bain- no, that I'd have to times 20 by 7!
Lillie- Bain, dreams don't come true. I've been dreaming of having a horse for 4 years and I don't see a horse in here (sarcastically gives a look around).
Bain- you need to dream smaller Lillie.

Good advice! Dream smaller, children.

Bain dropped a piece of popcorn on the floor and I told him to pick it up and throw it away, he sighed and said "why couldn't I have been born with the force?" and kept trying to will the popcorn into his hand.

While walking home from school this week we passed a bunch of flower beds and
Lillie: I'm glad grandma bunny isn't here, she'd make us stop while she said what every kind of flower was.
Bain: it was so boring I thought I was going to die.
Me: did you learn anything about flowers?
Bain: I don't even know anymore.


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