This year- Day one hundred and nine. (child bride)
2009-10-16/2:53 a.m.

The older Jonas brother is getting married. This is amazing for one reason because I thought he was clearly gay. This is scary for another reason because he's maybe 20 years old and now the kids are all "why is he getting married?" "Who is he marrying?" and I am full of no answers.

I told Brandon tonight and his reaction was "to a woman?" Precisely. Seriously though, someone that young, who is beloved to 8-12 year old kids, getting married is a bit weird. I told them not to do what he's doing. It's a terrible idea. Bain agreed that it sounded crazy but pointed out that his parents got married at 22. True enough. We've talked about that before though and he agreed that spending his 20s raising kids did not sound fun.

I told them that my mom was a teen when she got pregnant/married and Brandon was all "and see how she turned out (pointing at me)? Don't do it." Hahaha! The kids loved that.

I hope they are listening. My aunt told me last night that her step-son moved in with his high school girlfriend (they are 19 now) and live in a house by my grandma in small town Arkansas. They are talking about getting married. ACK! I told my aunt that sounds like a prison sentence to me. She, who didn't get married until she was 40, agreed that it seems pretty stifling and said they warned them against it but they didn't listen. He's not even going to college.

Today Lillie said that everything her dad says is true. Brandon immediately said "you can't have a boyfriend until you're 26." Lillie frowned. Bain pointed out that 17 would be more realistic. Lillie is 8! These conversations are already happening and she is 8! In three years when he is 13 and she is 11 I will pray for death to release us from the hell that will be. I shudder just thinking about it.


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