This year- Days one hundred eighteen and nineteen. (Jeff and Miranda are married)
2009-10-26/1:07 p.m.

asbury lanes, cocktails

I was in Jersey for 24 hours so no updating could happen on Saturday night.

Kelly Lynn and I voyaged to Asbury Park, NJ to see some bands play at our friend's wedding party. We had decided to dress up some because it's always kind of nice to dress up some and it was a wedding afterall, some people would still be dressed up. I wore tennis shoes and packed my dress shoes because that is how I do. Particularly in NYC. Two pairs of shoes is imperative.

Anywho, I left my house and it was cool and greyish but pretty nice outside. I got off the train in Jersey City and it was pouring and storming. Not like, raining, but POURING. Luckily I had on my tennis shoes and had my umbrella. I walked to Kelly's place and when I saw her she informed me that the car wouldn't start... bummer.

Over an hour later it had been solved (weirdly and as grossly, with as many mud puddles as possible) and the car was running again. Haley came over which was incredibly nice of her and very helpful as she was the one who figured out the car issues.

Mind you, Kelly Lynn stepped in mud puddles and got gas all over herself while she was in her cute clothes to wear to a wedding. It could have been much worse though- we weren't stranded on the road somewhere at least. No one got hurt etc.... etc....

We got there late but it hadn't even started yet. Just as I predicted! I only had a few spots of mud on my dress and they came right out. Half of the place was in jeans anyway, including the bride and groom who had just changed before we arrived. Bummer! I wanted to see them looking dapper. Frump and his lady were the photographers for the day and they promised some nice photos so I guess that will have to do.

It still boggles my mind that Jeff Erg is married. He's the baby! When I met these guys he was still like a junior in high school. In my mind he will be 17 forever, apparently.

At the wedding there was a cute guy and I talked to him and it went well. He sent me a very nice text at 3am, after Kelly and I were back in her warm and dry apartment, apologizing for never asking me to dance but apparently he has five left feet. Most guys just have two but he's got five. Pretty exciting. We are meeting up this week I think. I like him.

On the way home Kelly and I wanted junk food so we figured we'd find a wendy's or something (we didn't eat pre-party because of the car trouble) and we found.... NOTHING. By her we were going to go to her favorite 24 hour diner but they had the door locked despite clearly having costumers inside and being open. It was so weird. So we left and found a wendy's. It was delicious and totally hit the spot. Even the weirdo vanilla frosty we got ("Sorry, we turned off the chocolate frosty machine since it's late") was good. We were hungry though.

Sunday we got boring band stuff accomplished and Kelly was cleaning her room. I saw hilarious pictures of her as a wee lass where she looked almost exactly like she looks now except her hair is better now. We ate brownies and then I headed into the city to run errands, get birthday presents and return something. I also finished up my roll of film so I dropped that off while I was out as well. Productive!

The guy found me on the facebooks and emailed me last night. He has a flickr page dedicated to cute photos of his pets... what can I say, I love that in a person.

I do worry that this is terrible timing since everything else is going so wrong right now, but I don't really have a say over that, or over anything at all, ever. Hopefully some good job news comes this week.

I have Sarah's birthday, dad's birthday, Mikki's birthday, Meighan's birthday and today is Bleecks' birthday. Seriously, all of my friends seem to be virgos or scorpios. After this week I have nothing else until Christmas though, thank goodness.


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