This year- Day one hundred twenty one. (asbury lanes)
2009-10-28/2:43 a.m.

On Saturday my friends Jeff and Miranda got married in NJ and Kelly Lynn and I drove down for the after party. Here is the photographic evidence of that adventure:

disco ball!
many layers.  guy in back, guy taking photos, fans, and band.
the show is happening.

Daisy celebrated her 2nd birthday tonight and it was a fun party. The humans enjoyed it and she was pooped out by the end so I guess it was a success all around.

I cried while watching "True Life: I'm putting my baby up for adoption" today. I want to adopt very badly some day, and am interested in doing an open adoption and I'm glad that MTV tackled the subject on True Life. However, it was hard to watch the girls go through what they went through and also hard to watch one couple not get the baby in the end and the girl to regret that so deeply that she couldn't even look her baby in the eye and hadn't seen her in months. And then I cried while watching MTV at 11am, which sounds pretty pathetic on paper.


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