This year- Day one hundred twenty two. (TMBG/Nada Surf/community event)
2009-10-29/12:32 p.m.

When I got home at 4am last night/this morning I didn't fire up the bananaseat and add anything. For shame, me.

Last night was the big Williamsburg community event (my community) that Mikki had been organizing for months. They Might be Giants/Nada Surf and some of the Wrens played. It was really fun. I have never been a big They Might be Giants but I think they are neat guys who are funny, I just happen to only love 2-3 of their songs, one of which is a cover.

They were AMAZING. They had this neat light show that made it look very much like a movie from time to time and they did a very extensive sound check that really paid off. They also seemed to have their own sound guy on stage along with the sound guy in the booth. They literally loaded in from a semi and had three guys running the show. Complicated!! But they've figured out how to do a tour that is neat looking and sounds awesome. Also, last night was one of their days off but they did it since they live in the neighborhood (all of the bands were locals) and that is just very sweet of them. And yes, they had confetti canons that went off towards the end of their set.

These two guys named Josh were there who traveled from Australia in the hope that they'd be playing and lucked out. They nearly died from happiness. They actually looked visibly different after their set. It was adorable. I bought the TMBG science cd/dvd to give to Bain and Lillie for Christmas.

Nada Surf put on the best show I've ever seen them put on. It was a good time. Matthew sang happy birthday to Mikki on stage, which was very sweet of him. Mikki enjoyed it even though she claimed she was going to hate it.


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