This year- Day one hundred twenty five. (Happy Halloweener)
2009-11-01/2:24 a.m.

Happy Halloweener!

Kim and Eric had their annual party and it was fun. More relaxed than usual, but this month has been nuts for everyone I think. It was nice to enjoy a monster mash with their new karaoke machine. Michelle and I nearly got the high score with our duet of "Love Shack" that brought tears to my ears (from laughter, not sadness).

This week I ate two homemade cheesecakes (Ann made one and Kim made one). What an embarrassment of riches.

This week I also got two job offers, it appears. And they may work together so that I can do both. Maybe. Either way, I might be employed from now through March-ish and that would be amazing. I have begun to relax but I was wound so tight that it's not a quick process.

I am tired and finally got all of the makeup off my face so that I can go to sleep and wake up to cheer on my friends running the marathon tomorrow.

Happy birthday to Sarah! Happy birthday to dad! Happy daylight savings! I need to upload my photos and do laundry tomorrow.


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