This year- Day one hundred and twenty six. (Halloween photos)
2009-11-01/11:56 p.m.

Okay, so I managed to upload my photos and bag up all my laundry and change my sheets today.... fine! I didn't do my laundry. It's all gathered up right here next to me though... what a drag.

Tomorrow? Maybe? I think tomorrow will be the day. I can feel it.

So, I woke up at 11 today to go cheer on the marathon. I got to Metropolitan and Bedford by 12:10 and somehow missed my friends running by. Doh! I mean, I was there but I didn't see them. It was so crowded with runners and I didn't find out exactly what they were wearing etc... Oh well. They both finished and enjoyed ice baths this evening.

Kelly Lynn and I went to a neighborhood spa and used up some of my gift certificate this evening. We got spa pedicures. My legs feel like butter now. What the heck do they do there that is so moisturizing? Why can't I replicate it at home? It's annoying. One thing was a leg mask we got. I don't know what that means but it ruled. I got midnight blue with sparkles as my nail polish and I am happy with it. KL got bright red and it looked awesome. They wrapped my feet in saran wrap before I was allowed to put my socks back on. It was an odd sensation inside my shoes.

For Halloween I dressed up as Mikki's cat, monster.
me as monster cat.

It was a good time. My most favorite was Tim's Beaker costume. God, I love muppets.

Beaker looks for snacks.

The delicious cheesecake that Kim made.

Bye Bye Bye.

You ain't nuthin but a hound dog.

This morning Lauren and Tim brought Beaker out to the marathon and cheered on the runners with it. So many people loved it! So many non-english speakers took photos with her. It will be on many blogs in the days to come.

Beaker loves the marathoners.


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