This year- Day one hundred twenty seven. (The Laundry is Done, man)
2009-11-03/1:27 a.m.

I finally did the damned laundry. I have killed the beast! I smell good and stuff.

Remember last year when I was about to get a new phone and then my phone was stolen? Well, I was buying a new phone on the internets today and then I went to get the kids and somehow lost my phone in there. It's gone. I called it and it's off. No one answered and offered to return to me out of the goodness of their heart.

Meanwhile, I have returned two found phones in my life so my phone karma should be tops.

I may be without a cell phone for a week because I can save 75 bucks not getting one through tmobile and I am cheap so that appeals to me. Also, going against cell phone companies any time I can appeals to me. Being without a phone makes me nervous like I forgot to turn off the stove or something. Where is my connection to humanity?!?! Where is the love? Oh yeah, I keep that stuff inside my laptop. Whew.

I want to host a clothes swap soon where people can bring clothes they love but for whatever reason just don't fit right and people can take what they like etc... Stuff I haven't worn in years but love and don't just want to trash. I hope there is interest and that people can take some of this stuff off my hands. If you are someone reading this who is interested, let me know.

I will have the kids for many hours tomorrow since their dang school is closed. They will be on errands with me and we'll probably enjoy our last reading hour together of this semester at least. Bittersweet. I told them (their dad told them last week) and Bain's reaction was "but I need you to help me with my homework" with a sad face. The guilt trips that children run are so much more effective because they are honest and not manipulative (yet).

I have spent money on clothes lately and that also makes me nervous even though I have gotten some mega bargains.


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