This year- Days one hundred twenty eight and nine. (dogs, kids and work)
2009-11-05/12:17 a.m.

Yesterday the kids were off school because it was election day. I had them for most of the day and they ran errands with me. We went to Lisa's to drop off my weekend bag an pick up her apartment keys and play with the dogs.

I assumed Topher would be really happy and love it an that Howard would ignore it all and either bark a lot out of annoyance or sleep through it.

I was so wrong! Howard loved it. Bain rolled around on the floor with him for over an hour while he LET HIM. They dressed him in his toys like he was a horse and then would tap his butt so he'd run like a horse. Only Howard just stood there looking confused. He seemed exhausted when we left. I bet he slept all day after all that.

they dressed him as a pony and made the badger the jockey.

Then he wanted to leave with me which was sad. I tried to tell him that I would be back on Thursday but he doesn't understand English so he just looked at me like we were going to hit the road. Starting tomorrow my life will be 90% fuller of sounds and snores and 90% better in most ways.

Work started today and I was busy from start to finish but I think some good stuff was done. Headway was made and it was nice to be back and to see people I haven't seen in some months. Now my whole world is chefs, food, restaurants, and cooking. Again. Hopefully I get to eat some more awesome food though. That is the best perk.

Tomorrow I start dogsitting and start taking my own laptop to work. Still no cell phone. I got a message on the home phone from Johnny today that sounds confused. So many people are confused by the lack of cell phone. I need one for work next week though so I hope this thing arrives post haste.


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