This year- Day one hundred and thirty three. (Naps)
2009-11-08/11:28 p.m.

Today I was really looking forward to taking a lazy Sunday nap. I totally forgot!

What a bummer. I will be busy all week and there are no naps in sight. Napping is one of the things I am best at, unfortunately. Any other skills I may have once had have fallen by the wayside and have been replaced with napping. Olympic gold medal napping. The only rival I have is Howard and he only really sleeps and eats and poops. I have to pare things down to ever really compete with him.

He's nesting in the bed as we speak, and giving me dirty looks for not being asleep already. I hear you, Howard. I hear you.

I won't miss having to wake up before work to walk them but I will miss his constant noisemaking and general existence as a tri-color dreamboat.


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