This year- Day one hundred and thirty six. (First day filming)
2009-11-11/11:58 p.m.

Today was my first day in the field directing and producing for Chopped season 4. It went really well I think! I don't want to jinx it before we all screen the tapes together tomorrow but I am going to bed happy about things. I can imagine a few things done a little differently, but I think that no matter how good the shoot was. Now to hear all the criticisms from everyone else when I wake up... this is the blessed time where I can just think I did a good job without other people's thoughts creeping in.

I am so tired and so behind on everything except for work right now. A guy found my wallet... 30 blocks away from where I was when I lost it. WHAT?! That is weird. And it's only missing a credit card, the cash and my other things were in it. WTF?! He was a very nice guy who tracked me down on facebook and got it back to me. When we met up he had his 9 year old daughter with him.

He apologized and said "I don't want you to think that I reorganized your wallet... but I kind of did, only because I was looking for your ID."

Fair enough. I open the wallet and he has totally reorganized and cleaned out my wallet. I think he might be a clean freak because it's so much better now and I had been meaning to clean it out anyway. Thank you, kind stranger, for returning my wallet and tidying up while you had it. I knew that my karma from returning like 10 wallets and 10 cell phones would come back to me eventually!


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