This year- Day one hundred and thirty seven.
2009-11-13/11:27 a.m.

I left my computer at work yesterday mainly because I am tired of carrying it around and I wanted a night off from staring at it so I just left it behind. I went to band practice and then Kelly Lynn and I watched tv and ate pizza and I did NO WORK. It was blessed. Then she left and I did work in the way of reading and watching the episode of Chopped that aired this week. It was a great episode! I felt like a proud mom.

I am happy to be directing and getting some stuff for my reel but I am feeling the added pressure as everyone puts in their opinions.

I am already tired thinking about how much I have to do this weekend and next week. I already have shoot days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lined up that I am preparing for today. That is six shoots. Deep breathe.

Meanwhile, I am not booked on the job in LA because of something? I don't know, a miscommunication? It's so weird. I was booked and then I was not. I was pissed off, to be sure. I need to also line up work after the holidays now. Ugh.


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