This year- Day one hundred and forty three. (I'm such an auteur)
2009-11-18/10:43 p.m.

I feel good about some of the things that I did while shooting today but, as always, I am thinking now of a few things here and there that I could have done differently. That is always the way. My DP and I talked about that today, how no matter how great a shoot is you always think about other things that would be great the next day when there's no chance of making it happen.

I also felt good because the DP told me that I have great ideas today. It was nice to hear because I am often wondering if the crew thinks I am an idiot or if they think I am doing a good job. I give him a lot of freedom with shots but then I ask him to indulge some things I want to try that may be a little weird and may actually be totally unsuccessful but only will take a minute so why not give it a shot. It's really worked out for us on our three days together. On Friday I will be out with a different DP and I hope our chemistry together is also good.

Nicole is in town from Vancouver this week for a psychology conference and we met up for dinner with Kelly Lynn tonight. Delicious! I have half of my thanksgiving sandwich to take for lunch tomorrow. Now we're watching Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and she actually said that we have way better shows in the US than Canada has.

At 9pm I was sure it was midnight and that I was staying up too late. Now I am groggy and confused and it's 10:47. What the heck??

No headway has been made on the friend front. No word and now the internet is informing about his life instead of him informing me about his life. A shift has certainly occurred and I have to assume that it's a permanent one.


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