This year- Day one hundred and fifty one. (gobble, gobble)
2009-11-27/1:59 a.m.

Fall leaves are nearly gone.

Winter is nearly here. Thanksgiving dinner with the kids was fun. Randy came and Karen's friend Jennifer came and brought her doggie. It was all fun. I am thankful for the friends that I have had for so long and will continue to have forever. I really appreciate them even in years like this that are total crap.

And I guess my health is pretty good too (knock on wood). My grandma sounded excellent on the phone today so that is great news. Her first question was who will be picking her up and bringing her to Kansas City for Christmas. That's what I like to hear! I am excited for Christmas even though the holidays will most likely be fairly depressing this year. I just want to be lazy and sleep on my dad's enormous couch (seriously, he has a couch that is as wide as a twin bed, it's glorious) while I watch "What Not to Wear" with grandma. I want to hang out with Teresa and do art projects with Ana. I just want to get out of town, honestly. I am going to stay in KC for new year's even.

Karen told me that they've continued doing the transcription thing with Bain's essays and that his writing has improved every week. Hooray! That is perhaps the only actual thing I did this year that was worth something in the long run. Most of the things I do are useless and do no one any good. Bain also ate two pieces of the chocolate cream pie and asked if he could eat half of it and I told him to pace himself. So, he is my new favorite!

It was odd not hearing from Johnny today but it is what it is. I heard from the important people and I talked to my family and that is what counts anyway. If you're going to just be a fair weather friend or just be a total dick, I don't really have the energy for it anymore.

I uploaded a bunch of photos this week. Here is a photo of a scene I set up on a shoot this week. That's me working. Director at play. Work work work.

work work work.

Fantastic Mr. Fox tomorrow!


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