This year- Day one hundred and fifty four. (disappointing)
2009-11-29/11:35 p.m.

"You're just like me, Jonathan, you enthrall and then you disappoint."

I am watching Bored to Death on HBO and that line was on it. I fear that this is actually true of me with men as well. The reason given in the show doesn't apply to me (I don't do drugs and I am not very interesting) but it really does appear to sum it up.

There you have it, fellas, I will only disappoint you.

This weekend was overly long and made me wake up in a panic the past two mornings, thinking that I had overslept for work. Now that it's over I am sad though. I have to wake up early tomorrow and that is never easy for me. Just four days off and I am already staying up until 3am naturally. I can't deny my nature.


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