This year- Day one hundred and fifty five.
2009-12-01/12:56 a.m.

Holy crap, today was rough. Today I earned all my producer stripes and hearts and whatever else you can earn when you're under rapid enemy fire. It was a constant struggle but I think there are some good things to come out of it and that is that. I mean, if I can't salvage anything out of it then I would need to take a good look inside and wonder if this is for me.

I am six weeks away from needing to find a new job. Anyone know of a new job? Anyone want to hire me because I earned some stripes today? Awesome!

The all day rain made for a tough shooting day. I feared that the camera got too wet at one point which was not an excellent feeling. I wonder who'd be responsible for that 30+k if it was ruined... oh yeah! It would be me! Yikes.

Sleep has come to town once again.


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