This year- Day one hundred and sixty five. (dinner party, pajama party)
2009-12-12/1:54 a.m.

It was a busy/freezing day of work that ended at an underground table tennis training center in Chinatown that smelled like man. Sweaty man. So much distilled man in a windowless room. I was mostly mesmerized by two young kids who were amazing ping pong players. One is ranked number 3 under 12 years old in the world. I told him he was really good and he just blushed and nodded his head and hurried off. Such modesty.

Then Alissa's friend invited me to a dinner at the restaurant at her job. She works at the Gramercy Park Hotel and the restaurant there has opened.

Gramercy Park

It was good but not the best meal I've ever eaten. There was a ravioli with egg special that was amazing though. A large ravioli filled with cheese, potato and an egg yolk that broke when you forked the pasta. So good. It was incredibly rich. There was also the best focaccia I've ever had- holy shit. I wonder where they get it or how they make it... we asked for the recipe, haha. Then there was some ricotta dessert that was super awesome. Considering how much things cost and how much stuff we got though, a lot was just ho-hum unfortunately. Maybe I have gotten spoiled to living well in the last year... I may be.

The group was three older women from Italy, Alissa, her friend Julia, Julia's roommate and other college friend who is an investigative reporter and the guy she has been seeing for a few months. What a weird group! But it was fun doing something so out of the norm with people I did not know.

They went out for drinks afterwards and we just came back to my apartment, changed into pajamas and watched tv. We know what we like. As we started to watch Talk Soup Alissa wisely said "I'd like to take a moment to appreciate how great this is" and then we took a moment and appreciated it. It's true, the small things are often the best things in life.

Another thing I'd like to take a moment to appreciate? How freaking cute Greg Kinnear is. I have had a crush on him since I was 15. That is half my life! Not too shabby. The fact that he's in Baby Mama, wearing glasses and no one told me, makes me realize what betraying jerks my friends and family are. YOU'RE ALL ON NOTICE!


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