This year- Days one hundred sixty six and sixty seven.
2009-12-13/11:54 p.m.

At the dinner on Friday one of the servers was a cute, nerdy guy. I asked Alissa's friend for his info after Alissa confirmed that he was cute for me. Her friend's response:

"Oh yeah, he's so cute, right! He plays a nerdy psycho on Law and Order all the time."

Oh yeah, then I recognized him. He's totally a racist psycho who pops up on Criminal Intent from time to time. I have issues, people. I reminded Alissa of how I find Anthony Hopkins attractive in Silence of the Lambs and she was all "oh yeah, totally" so I guess she has the same issues.

The guy was also married with a kid or something so there were multiple issues really. Then I play my most recently dvr'ed Criminal Intent and there he is, being all racist and crazy.

I have given up on several things. I've gained 10 pounds in the past few months. I don't exercise at all anymore and I don't really care. When I think about it I just take a nap to distract from it. I signed up to play soccer in the new year too so I'd better get back on track so that I don't die when that starts. I look even more terrible than usual in most of my clothes and my attitude about that is "ehhh, time to eat ice cream!"

That's not really healthy either, people.


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