This year- Days one hundred and sixty eight and sixty nine.
2009-12-15/10:28 p.m.

Random item from yesterday:

I was listening to my ipod and an Sebadoh song was on (that I love and have heard like a thousand times) and I realized there was a part where the drummer is only hitting the snare like every 16th or 32nd note even though there is a lot of other stuff going on. I simply do not have the patience for that.

Random item from today:

I learned today that three friends have gotten engaged. Something is in the dang water. Well, for some people.

I dvr'ed "Run Fatboy Run" because it was on HBO and I had nothing to lose. God, what a piece of crap movie. You're supposed to root for the guy who leaves his pregnant fiance at the altar because he's a dick. Yeah, right. And then he's supposed to make up for a life of dick-i-tude by running a marathon... that he trains for for 3 weeks after never running in his life. It's not even over yet and I have decided that I hate this movie a lot.


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