This year- Day one hundred and seventy six. (home)
2009-12-22/4:28 a.m.

My dad's girlfriend's kid, who looks like a chewbacca, has incredible social anxiety and buck teeth is bringing her doctor boyfriend around for the holidays. Or, he's in medical school or something.

She is bringing her serious boyfriend home.

I have officially become the family loser. In fact, both of her kids (18 and 21) have serious boyfriends they are having over for Christmas while my dad is asking me casual questions about my social life that are not nearly as casual or stealthy as he thinks they are.

Yesterday we were on the phone, my dad and I, and Livy came over to watch Law and Order. The doorbell rang.

Me: Hold on, my friend's here I have to let her in
Him: Okay
Me: Okay back
Him: Your friend? Who is he?
Me: She? Livy is a girl?
Him: ohhhhhhhh, nevermind. (the segwey back into what he was talking about already)

Livy to me: Sorry?


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