This year- Day one hundred and seventy seven. (couch naps)
2009-12-23/4:00 a.m.

The things I genuinely look forward to when coming home:

1. Taking naps on my dad's amazing couch.

2. Eating at sonic

3. Making Christmas dinner with my grandma and then eating stuffing for a few days. A few glorious days.

4. Seeing old friends. Valorie will embarrass me at least 3 times per trip.

5. My dad making persian food at some point.

6. Playing rummi with grandma.

7. Seeing a movie with grandma- this year will be "It's Complicated" I hope.

8. Taking another nap on the couch.

I started thinking about napping on this couch a few weeks ago and I told Sarah. Her reaction was "the couch is really comfortable" and not "lordy, you are sad."


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