This year- Days one hundred seventy eight and nine. (Christmas Eve)
2009-12-25/2:24 a.m.

Christmas Eve, ahoy!

An icy blizzard has put us on lockdown for the evening. Grandma and I went to Blockbuster earlier (yuck) and in the 10 minutes we were inside the street totally iced over. We made a pact not to go out again right then and there.

Earlier grandma was looking for something on the dining room table and found a pair of black, lacy underwear. That was maybe the highlight of the week. I died.

I made a phonecall earlier that I was stressed out about but nothing came of it. No answer. Stressed out for nothing.

This evening I made my dad's roast dinner because he had to go visit our neighbor who is really sick. It ended up being fun and I made some delicious brussel sprouts that were a big hit (that I stole the recipe from while filming a chef). Tomorrow is the turkey and stuffing dinner with grandma and making that will be fun and then I'll eat until I'm sick. Good times.

This year both my dad and his girlfriend are working for the first time in years (she was finishing her doctorate these past few years) and it shows. There are so many presents that it's sickening in here. I feel kind of bad about it but it's really great that she got one of the few teaching jobs in KC this year. We're terrible people with a bunch of huge presents under the tree though. Gross jerks who live in excess of bread makers and dvds of the State dancing like sugarplums in our heads.

That is one silver lining that has come from this horrible year, I suppose. I'm glad someone is having a good time.


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