This year- Days one hundred eighty one, two and three (back from Arkansas)
2009-12-29/3:35 a.m.

Up in the Air

Saturday Jeremy and Annie came over and I met the kids, who are MEGA-ADORABLE. Holy cow, so cute. They made me christmas presents that were very awesome- Marshmallows posters. Must... scan... immediately....

Then we went to Jeremy's parent's house and played wii and apples to apples with his family until midnight. We slept, woke up and went on a whirwind trip to Arkansas that I just returned from tonight.

In the car with Madison (who is 8)-
Madison- where are you here from?
Me- New York
Madison- whoa
Me- you could come visit
Madison- that would be pretty cool. Could we see a Broadway play maybe?
Me- Okay... I guess
Madison- maybe we could also see my dad's friend Mary Ann that he talks to on the computer at night
Me- who??
Madison- I've never seen her but he'll type things like "Maddy says hi" so I guess she knows me
Me- hahahahahhahahahah

Kids are the best teller of your business.

She also later told me that she had envisioned that I would look different because photos don't always really tell you what someone looks like.

Her dream is to work at the mall at the Build a Bear Workshop. When I told her that when she's older she might not love the Build a Bear Workshop she incredulously asked me how that would ever happen. It won't! I lied! Don't listen to me!


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